Complete List of Airport Codes in the World from A-Z

This website provides information about international and domestic airport codes by country all around the world (231 countries in the world).

There are thousands of airports across the globe, each serving a unique purpose, from small regional airports to massive international airports.

The most comprehensive list of airports in the world is maintained by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The IATA airport codes are a three-letter code designating many airports worldwide, including major international airports. For example, JFK is the IATA code for John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) list, there are over 14,000 airports in the world. Among these, more than 7,000 are located in the United States, followed by Canada, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico. The busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which served over 110 million passengers. Other busy airports include Dubai International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Not all airports are created the same, as some are designed to run specific types of aircraft, such as military jets or private planes. For example, the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, is a military airport designed for training. At the same time, the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey serves as a popular hub for private jet travel.

With thousands of airports in operation worldwide, there is no shortage of options for travelers, whether you’re flying for business, leisure, or adventure. The IATA list provides an excellent resource for tracking the world’s airports, each serving its unique purpose and contributing to the growth of the global economy.

What is the Function of IATA Airport Codes?

IATA is the organization responsible for standardizing airport identification codes used around the globe (IATA airport codes consist of 3 letters, this three-letter airport codes). Look up the IATA airport code.

What is the Function of ICAO Airport Codes?

Airport identification codes can also be found in ICAO (airport codes ICAO consist of 4 letters). Lookup the ICAO airport prefix (ICAO airports in the world).

list of all the airports in the world

List of International and Domestic Airports in the United States

This website provides details on the international and local airports in the United States. This list contains the airport codes of the United States, the names of the airports in the United States and city airports, their GPS locations, a map showing the different time zones, and contacts for the various airports.

The list of airports in the United States covers the most popular airports, international and local airports, and the busiest ones in the United States.

How Many Airports Does the United States Have?

There are 5,170 airports in the United States, most of which are considered airports for general aviation (GA). This includes cargo transportation, aerial photography and surveying, crop dusting, private aircraft, flying training, and corporate aircraft, among other things.

Airports in the World

  • United States (1,982)
  • Australia (553)
  • Papua New Guinea (340)
  • Brazil (268)
  • Indonesia (187)
  • Canada (169)
  • Colombia (158)
  • China (156)
  • France (134)
  • Russian Federation (133)
  • United Kingdom (131)
  • India (124)
  • Argentina (99)
  • Germany (94)
  • Mexico (82)
  • Japan (80)
  • South Africa (79)
  • Italy (69)
  • Philippines (69)
  • Ethiopia (68)
  • Norway (64)
  • Sweden (61)
  • Venezuela (60)
  • Madagascar (58)
  • Iran (58)
  • New Zealand (58)
  • Turkey (56)
  • Malaysia (56)
  • Spain (54)
  • Pakistan (53)
  • Greece (46)
  • Thailand (45)
  • Democratic Republic Of Congo (44)
  • French Polynesia (41)
  • Nepal (41)
  • Peru (40)
  • Panama (37)
  • Iceland (37)
  • Myanmar (37)
  • Gabon (36)
  • Kenya (36)
  • Mozambique (36)